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I worked from home yesterday mostly because the weather was forecast to be lousy: heavy rain and lots of wind.  I didn't have any sessions scheduled and I figured I could stay home, make some chicken soup and a nice roast for dinner.  The weather was as promised so I was glad to be home.  I stopped at the grocery store after I took David to the train station and got the makings for soup and matzo balls.  Dumped the chicken, herbs and veggies into my enormous stock pot and added water and started it boiling.  Logged into the office and started working, but had to quit in the afternoon.  

Why?  Because I am bleeding again.  The bad kind.  I've had 2 colonoscopies in the past 2 years, both times because of this kind of bleeding.  This time the bleeding was accompanied by really bad abdominal pains yesterday. I called my doctor's office and spoke to one of the partners.  He said I should go to the ER, but I didn't.  I waited a while and the pain stopped.  He called me again this morning to check up on me.  I told him the bleeding was still going on but the stomach pain stopped.  He said I could either go to the ER or come in and see him on Monday, which is what I'm going to do.

On the plus side, the soup turned out great.  Me?  I'm still worried.  I would really like to know why I have had so many episodes of this bleeding within the last 2 years.  They keep looking but not finding anything more than a few hemorrhoids. 

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